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Troop 596 is part of Root River District, which is part of Three Harbors Council, which is part of the Boy Scouts of America.

Three Harbors Council
Council Number: 629
Milwaukee office
330 South 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214-1468
Phone: (414) 774-1776
Contact the Milwaukee Scout Shop at (414) 453-9777
Three Harbors Council, from Wikipedia


Boy Scout Camping
Program/Camping Department
330 South 84 Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214
Lisa Held, Camping Dept: (414) 443-2843

Ross Lodge in Whitnall Park (Will & Cava Ross Lodge)
6750 S. 92 St., Greendale, WI 53132
Whitnall Park Map
Google Directions

Boy Scout Summer Camp: LeFeber Northwoods Camps

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Local Boy Scout Troops
* Boy Scout Troop 506, Scout Master Tim Seipel, 414-421-5771
* Boy Scout Troop 596 at St. Alphonsus, Scout Master Duane Drzadinski, 414-403-3002

Greendale Cub Scout Packs
* Cub Scout Pack 505 at Canterbury School, Cubmaster Brenda Kalchbrenner
* Cub Scout Pack 506 at College Park School, Cubmaster Mark Bender, 414-427-8716
* Cub Scout Pack 509 at Highland View School, Cubmaster Jeff Grenier
* Cub Scout Pack 596 at St. Alphonsus, Cubmaster Lois Kunicki