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Boy Scouts of America bans water gun fights; ‘pointing a firearm’ is not kind

Boy Scouts of America bans water gun fights; ‘pointing a firearm’ is not kind

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Summer Camp

Hi Troop members, family and friends;

Tis the season to be preparing for summer camp! Yeah!!!! As was discussed at last month’s meeting, we need to start registering boys (and leaders/parents) for camp. First round of camp registrations (for the lowest price) is this Friday. I am looking for commitments from scouts and parents as to who is going and whole or partial week. Unfortunately, Mr. Drzadinski is unable to go to camp. Fortunately, Mr. Griglak has agreed to be Lead leader for the outing. Thank you sooo much Mr. Griglak. We are truly grateful!!! In order to cover the 2 deep requirement, we need to have at minimum a second adult at camp at all times. In order to work comfortably, it would be better to have an additional parent (#3) present so that if someone has to run into town (to dry sleeping bags, get ice, etc) we are covered. Please look at your schedules and email me as soon as possible as to your scouts intent and if parents are available and willing to come to camp – and when. Thank you for your timely responses.

Karen Yaccarino

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T596 Family Board Game Night on Sat May 2

Each family brings their favorite board game.
We play from 7 PM (maybe earlier) until 10 PM (maybe later).
I would order a sub platter or party sub from Cousins.
Each family also brings a salad or dessert to pass.
Each family brings their own refreshments.

This would not be an official scout event and it will be free of electronic games (iPods, iPads, phones, DS, etc.).

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Can Drive on Sat April 11

Hi everyone;
Can drive is this Saturday, April 11th, 8 AM to 12PM. Please email me with your availability. I will put out a summary on Thursday. Signs are out – tell your friends and neighbors.
Thank you,
Karen Yaccarino

P.S. Thank you Mr. Drzadinski for organizing a BLAST of an outing! My boys came home flying high!!!! And the best part is – their team lost, and they are feeling GREAT about it! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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On to Eagle April 17-19

As a follow up to our March troop meeting, I wanted to find out the interest level from the group in regard to the On to Eagle event taking place April 17-19, 2015.

For those new to the event, On to Eagle is a special weekend event for Webelos Scouts to learn about the exciting programs they can do in Boy Scouting.

Want to learn more? Check out for more information from the BSA.

If we were to proceed with this event, we’d need a minimum of two (2) parent chaperones to commit, an SPL to lead the event, and a minimum of two or three scouts interested in participating. In addition, we’d need to commit to what we could teach younger scouts (i.e, char cloth making, rope tying, orienteering, etc.).

Reply if interested and we can discuss registration and other details when applicable.

Mr. D.

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CMP Tactical Lasertag Outing on Tue Apr 7

As mentioned previously, I’ve secured discount pricing for our boys to go to CMP Tactical Lasertag next month for an outing. Tentatively, we’re considering Tuesday, April 7th (specific time TBD).

To secure a 25% group admission discount, they would like to videotape our experience for marketing purposes. (Specific pricing will be dependent upon participation, but we expect about $25 each.) For reference, here’s a similar youth group outing video:

To finalize booking the outing, I’ll need to know who is available to attend (parents and scouts), as well if everyone is in agreement that a group video will be acceptable (each participant will need to complete a model release form). For reference, all video work would be of the boys participating and any discussions following the activity. No actual names or reference to scouting would be included.

With that said, who’s ready for a high tech, mission-based game dedicated to fun and adventure on the battlefield?

Please respond if your son would be interested in being a part of the event and which parent(s) would be willing to chaperone.

Learn more about CMP at

Mr. D.

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Eagle Cave on Sat March 7

We received confirmation of our request for an overnight stay at Eagle Cave on March 7th. Boys, prepare to get dirty and do some spelunking!

Confirmed interest was received from the following boys/parents:

Meals are included, however, you may wish to bring snacks and drinks. We all know scouts are prepared. But just in case:

Cost to attend is $26 per person. Please send the permission slip and check made out to Troop 596 and place it in the scout drawer, or bring it the day of the event.

We anticipate meeting at St. Al’s at 8am Saturday morning for a car pool departure shortly thereafter. Check out is 10am on Sunday, so parents can expect us to return around 12:30pm.


Questions? Reach out to Mr. Stasik or myself and we’ll do our best to answer.

Mr. D.
T596 Scoutmaster

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Eagle Cave on Sat March 7

We’ve confirmed an overnight trip to Eagle Cave on March 7th is available in terms of making a reservation. If we were to send in a deposit before the week is out, could we count on your son to be there? Looking for an initial head count at this time and would send out a Sign Up Genius to confirm registrations.

Learn more at and

Yours in scouting,
Mr. D.

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Why Scouting?

With the Ross Lodge event behind us, I’ve taken some time to think about why we participate in these scouting activities (and others) and how being a part of the Boy Scouts of America program helps positively shape our boys.

When was the last time you thought about why they are in Troop 596? There are numerous reasons. They include: molding future leaders, learning (skills and knowledge), building faith, serving others (“Do a Good Turn Daily”), being mentally and physically fit, and “being good and doing good.”
PreparedForLife_stacked300x300_400x400 However, meeting those challenges requires more than just having your name on the charter and paying dues. Senior scouts will tell you that being on the scouting trail means taking leadership roles during outings, assisting younger scouts learn new skills, actively seeking advancement opportunities as well as asking for parental help and guidance so they maximize their time in the program.

With that said, I’d like 2015 to be a year of progress for our troop. We need more of our scouts stepping up in the program instead of just “coming along.” Please, encourage your boy(s) to open those BSA handbooks and knock out any outstanding requirements so they can advance in rank.

Now is the time to prepare your son to be a future Eagle scout. With your help in the troop, we can make that happen for them.

Questions? Reach out anytime.

Thank you.

Yours in Scouting,

Duane Drzadinski
Scoutmaster – Troop 596

P.S. Scoutmaster conferences and boards of review given upon request. Let me know when your son is ready for the next one.

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Ross Lodge on Fri Jan 9

Dear Troop Scouts and Parents;
I have just created and sent out the sign-up genius for Ross Lodge in Whitnall Park next month. This is a fun, casual, and easy event. It is local, short, and in need of at least 1 senior scout and 2 parents to lead. I would be happy to be a reference, and to pass on my notes from previous years, but I am unable to take a lead role in this event. PLEASE consider volunteering for this event. If you have questions you can call either myself or Duane Drzadinski.

Thank you,
Karen Yaccarino

You have been invited by Karen Yaccarino to sign up for “Ross Lodge Overnight 2015.” Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

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