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BSA Troop 596 Church Wreath Sales

see SignUpGenius email from Karen Y.

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Can Drive – Patrol Meeting

Hey Falcon Patrol and New Scouts:
This Saturday, October 10th, is our Can Drive. This would be a wonderful opportunity to work on advancements. Bring your stuff. If you need me to bring something, let me know. We can combine our October Patrol Meeting with the Can Drive. Please come. Any time you spend will be good for you and good for the Troop. Bring your book. See you there.
Dan Yaccarino

Link to Can Drive sign-up (more people can come than there are slots for, the more the merrier): Can Drive 10/10/15

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Can Drive on Sat April 11

Hi everyone;
Can drive is this Saturday, April 11th, 8 AM to 12PM. Please email me with your availability. I will put out a summary on Thursday. Signs are out – tell your friends and neighbors.
Thank you,
Karen Yaccarino

P.S. Thank you Mr. Drzadinski for organizing a BLAST of an outing! My boys came home flying high!!!! And the best part is – their team lost, and they are feeling GREAT about it! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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Can Drive on Sat Jan 10

Troop 596 has the January 10th Greendale Can Drive. It will run from 8 AM to Noon. We NEED 2 adults and at least 2 scouts covering it at all times. Please sign-up.

To sign up, go to:

This quarterly fundraising initiative helps cover expenses for outings/activities, equipment, etc. that Scouts need. Please consider volunteering to help the troop!

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Wreath Pickup and Distribution

Hello Troop,

Next weekend is our wreath pickup and distribution. If you signed up to help with the pickup at Miller Park or the distribution at St. Al’s this coming weekend, please make sure to check the times so you know when you are expected. If you did not sign up but would like to, we still have spots available – please check on sign-up genius.

Also, I have a 60″ wreath order that came in from the church sales, where the people are not able to pick up the wreath and would like it delivered. The delivery is in Greendale, at …. If you are willing and able to deliver that wreath, please let me know as soon as possible. I will convert it from a church sale order to a scout personal order for the scout that delivers it – that will be roughly $15 in your scout account just for delivering a wreath. Do note that it is a 60″ wreath, so make sure that you have an appropriate vehicle for transport. I will give it to the first scout that accepts this offer (please respond by direct email to me).

Jeroen Valensa

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Hi All. Anyone that missed the friends of scouting meeting but would like to donate please let me know. I can mail you a pledge card.

Karen Griglak

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Friends of Scouting on Thur Nov 6


Friends of scouting will be at our November meeting this Thursday evening at 6:30pm in the Community Room to share information about the BSA’s annual “FOS Campaign.” You will be asked to consider providing financial support to your local council. Pledge cards will be handed out. Your charitable donation is tax deductible.

Yours in scouting,
Mr. D.

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Wreath Sale sale sheets and brochures

If you still need a color brochure and/or sales sheets for the 2014 wreath sale, please contact me to make arrangements. These were handed out at the last troop meeting but I know that many families did not attend that meeting.

Jeroen Valensa.

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2014 Wreath Sales/Pickup/Distribution Invite

It’s Christmas Wreath Sale time! This is the easiest way to earn money in your Scout account! We need people to take wreath orders after masses, to help with the wreath pickup at Miller Park, and to do wreath distribution in the St. Al’s parking lot.

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Wreath and Soda Sales this Saturday

Hay Days village festival is this Saturday in downtown Greendale.

I am setting up a table where Boy Scouts can sell wreaths for our fall fundraiser. It will be in front of Seasons of the Heart, 5632 Broad St.

My son Joshua will work one shift from 10am-12noon. There is space for another scout with Joshua.

We got a food seller’s permit, and will also try to sell canned soda.

* Would someone want to work another shift, 12noon-2pm? Let me know.


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