Meeting notes from Jan 21

Hello everyone;
in the absence of a secretary, I thought I would send out summary notes from last weeks troop meeting.

Upcoming Events:

Hospitality Sunday (not discussed, but coming up in two weeks)
February 6&7
The Troop and the Pack are sharing responsibility for Hospitality in February. It is also “Ministry Sunday” so the Ministries of the Parish will be having displays, and there will be alot of people around. We are hoping to have at minimum, 2 scouts, 2 webelos, and 2 cubs after each Mass. We will also need at least 2 adults to assist. A sign-up Genius for the Masses is here: Hospitality Sunday Sign-up

Scouting for Food
March 12th is Bag Drop
March 19th is Pick Up
Please put these dates on your calendars.

Blue & Gold
Saturday, March 12th @ 6 PM. There is only 1 webelo looking to cross over. (kind of sad) – but the group for the next year is HUGE and a good showing would really encourage them along. Please put this date on your calendars.

Adventure Rock
It was unanimous by all present that they wanted to do Rock Climbing and an overnight. The original winter dates didn’t work with schedules but the boys would like to see if dates later in the spring might be available. Mrs. Lynch will contact Adventure Rock and check for possible April dates.

Scouting the Zoo
June 4th & 5th
Looking for a parent and a scout to co-ordinate.

CMP Laser Tag
This would not be a scout activity – but a group of friends. Mr. Strom is looking into it.

Eagle Cave
A lot of interest was expressed in returning to Eagle Cave. The activity needs leadership.

Summer Camp
There was a lot of discussion about summer camp. Le Feber was purchased by a private investor who is opening it up as a camp available to scouts. The programming is still up in the air, but it sounds like merit badges would be available, but not on the same scale as previous programs. Also, it sounds like camping doesn’t have to be the traditional “week long” camp, but a long weekend, or other might be possible. Ed Bryant Scout Reservation (Glacier’s Edge counsel) was also discussed. Staff from the camp circulated last summer at Le Feber talking to the kids. Here is the link: Ed Bryant Scout Reservation – Glacier’s Edge Council, BSA
The kids were impressed: STEM merit badges, sprayed for misquitos, more and different badges, different (more modern) outdoor toys in addition to the usual boats and canoes. It appears costs are similar.
Ed Bryant week long camp sessions are:
Boy Scout Camp Schedule for 2016
June 26- July 2 – Boy Scout Resident Session 1
July 2-9 – BS Resident Camp Session 2
July 10-16 – BS Resident Camp Session 3
July 17-23 – BS Resident Camp Session 4
July 24-30 – BS Resident Camp Session 5
July 31-Aug 6 – BS Resident Camp Session 6
Aug 7-13 – BS Resident Camp Session 7

The troop needs to decide where and when (and if) they want to go to camp. Two of the high schoolers are going to Peru, and several others may have summer school conflicts. Please look over the web page and offerings and then respond with your (scout’s) interest level and availability. We need to determine who is interested, when they can go, if there is leadership to take the boys, and where to go. Looking forward to hearing back from everyone! Please respond, at least initially, by February 1st.

Next Up: Meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd. PLC (senior scouts 1st class rank and higher) will be meeting at 6pm to discuss action items and plan upcoming activities and meetings. All scouts available will be meeting at 6:30 for work on advancements. Please bring your handbooks.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karen Yaccarino
Advancement Chair
BSA Troop 596

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